carátula EP Evildog from the basement

Fecha de lanzamiento: 06/02/2019

Estudio de grabación: Holler´s Analog Studio


Nothing to Break

Looking through my feelings,

thinking about my fall,

you want to break my spirit,

but there is nothing to break at all.


I´m getting better, honey,

you once had me in your dreams,

now your cage is open,

I learned to open my mind.


Here is nothing to break,

Here is nothing to break.


If you want to hurt me,

maybe is cause you really mind,

If you want to hurt me,

you need to find yourself alive.


You better find out new excuses,

cause I´m a thousand miles away from you,

from you


You better find out new excuses,

cause I´m walking out your dark,

your dark


Follow, follow me, 

and take me, and take 

me out of this.

you know I´m feeling alone

and the time goes by so slow

don´t let me, don´t let me be a ghost


C´mon, is my plea!

and please grab, and please grab 

this weight with me

The sorrow pull me down love,

and I´m feeling so old,

The future, the future is nearly done!



Please forgive me!

it was so rough

please don´t leave me!

for my past my love!

all my past is done!


Take me out of this

and carry, and carry 

this ghost for me, 

my room is getting so dark 

and I am fearing my life

the future, the future 

is nearly done!


Always Monday

How do I find my purpose?

I don´t know.

Looking through my window,

like your dog.

Time goes by so slowly

in my job.


I´m tired of living

in this grey room.



It´s always monday in my mind,

working hard and living fast.

It´s always monday in my mind,

with my future preoccupied,

It´s always Monday in my mind


I woke up so early,

but I could not sleep

I´m repeating my routine

day after day

my soul is crying

I hear him moan

Earning money and paying,

a stupid life.

To my lover

To my lover,

To my poor and lonely heart,

to my feelings

and for the darkness in my life.


You can choose, her, 

You can tell me a lot of lies,

I am not your story

I know that I am not the only one!



I´m not important!

I am living, I am living with my dark, but

please believe me, 

let me know, let me know 

when you want to come back.


To my lover, 

to your poor and black heart.

Where are your feelings?

give me back the light of my life.




I really don´t mind (x4)